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Season One:

  • Pilot (18 September 1985)

    writer : Michael Sloan, director : Rod Holcomb
    with Edward Woodward, Robert Lansing, William Zabka, Steven Williams, Patricia Kalember, Michael Levin, Jerry Stiller, George Hearn, Jack Davidson, Ron Parady, Scott Burkholder, David Proval, Derek Murcott, Paul Jabara, Dorothy Holland, Carrie Kei Heim
    After decades of working for "The Company," a shadowy government intelligence agency, special agent Robert McCall begins to feel he can do more good by working one-on-one with the genuinely helpless and persecuted--people who have exhausted every conventional means of obtaining safety, protection and justice--and failed.
    In the Pilot, McCall comes to the aid of an accountant who has been fired from his job after discovering a blackmail operation, and is now in danger of losing his life, and a single mother who is being stalked by a potential rapist.

  • China Rain (25 September 1985)

    writers: Joel Surnow, Maurice Hurley, Victor Hsu director:Richard Compton
    Recurring character: Robert Lansing, Keith Szarabajka, Steven Williams
    with Lauren Tom, Jim Russo, Adam Redfield, Jodi Long, Tzi Ma
    A group kidnaps the wrong boy for ransom.  They mistakenly kidnap the son of a housekeeper instead of her wealthy employer's son. 

  • The Defector (2 October 1985)

    writer: Heywood Gould, director: Rod Holcomb
    Recurring character: Robert Lansing, Robert Joy, Steven Williams
    with Melissa Leo, Joe Silver, Jaroslav Stremien, Robert Denvers, Tom Brennan, Colin Fox
    McCall protects the daughter of a Russian informant who is killed. He also teaches a school boy how to stand up for himself.

  • The Lock Box (9 October 1985) 

    writers: Frank Military, Joel Surnow, Maurice Hurley, director: Russ Mayberry
    Recurring character: Ray Baker
    with J. T. Walsh, Maureen Anderman, Paige Price, Adam Ant, Jaime Tirelli, Sara Botsford
    A teenage girl disappears when she and her family visits New York.

  • Lady Cop (16 October 1985) 

    writers: Joel Surnow, Maurice Hurley, director: Russ Mayberry
    Recurring character: Steven Williams, Robert Lansing, Mark Margolis
    with Karen Young, Will Patton, Esai Morales, Bruce MacVittie, Reginald ValJohnson, Adam Redfield
    A policewoman finds herself surrounded by corrupt cops, including her partner.

  • The Confirmation Day (23 October 1985) 

    writers: Edward Adler, Heywood Gould, director: Richard Colla
    Recurring character: Steven Williams
    with Burt Young, Lois Smith, Ilan-Mitchell Smith, Joseph Wiseman, Anne Jackson, John Capodice, Tom Signorelli, Dick Boccelli
    A boy enlists McCall's aid when his father becomes associated with the Mob.  An aging actress, has a treasure that she feels the devil is going to steal.

  • Children's Song (30 October 1985) 

    writers: Howard Chesley, Joel Surnow, Maurice Hurley, director: Richard Compton
    Recurring character: William Zabka
    with Dana Barron, Tom Isbell, William Youmans, Bradley Whitford, Perry Lang
    Trying to find a way to become closer to his son, McCall takes Scott on a camping trip and finds they must defend themselves and a girl against rapists in a cabin.

  • The Distant Fire (6 November 1985) 

    writers: Robert Sabaroff, Joel Surnow, Maurice Hurley director: Alan Metzger
    Recurring character: Saul Rubinek, Mark Margolis
    with Jon De Vries, Alberta Watson, George Morfogen, Bill Cobbs
    A hitman and McCall must protect a former lover.  But who is the hitman really after?

  • Mama's Boy (13 November 1985) 

    writer: Heywood Gould, director: James Sheldon
    Recurring character: Steven Williams
    with Adam Horovitz, Christine Baranski, Mark Soper, Jim Dale, J. Smith Cameron, Alex Winter, Bob Gunton
    A martial arts instructor who also deals in drugs influences a young man and McCall has to deal with him in his own way.

  • Bump and Run (20 November 1985) 

    writers: Maurice Hurley and Joel Surnow, director: Richard Compton
    Recurring character: Keith Szarabajka, Mark Margolis
    with Brian Bedford, Laura Ashton, Lazaro Perez, Charles Brown, Mark Linn-Baker, Meat Loaf, Nathan George, Charles Dutton
    A vigilante, pretending to be the Equalizer is taking the law into his own hands and McCall has to stop him.

  • Desperately (4 December 1985) 

    writer: Charles Grant Craig, director: Donald Petrie
    Recurring character: Ray Baker, Jack Gilpin (Harvey)
    with Blanche Baker, David Margolis, Tovah Feldshuh, Ray Sharkey, Luke Reilly, Richard Portnow, Carlos Carrasco
    A lonely housewife finds her life more exciting that she wanted when she witnesses a murder.

  • Reign of Terror (11 December 1985) 

    writers: Steve Bello, Coleman Luck, director: Richard Compton
    Recurring character: Frederick Williamson
    with Lonette McKee, Tomas Milian, Joe Maruzzo, Pedro Sanchez, Paul Calderon, Rosemary DeAngelis, Stephen Chen, Lester Rawlins, Begona Plaza
    McCall must defend a clinic and the doctor insists he do it without using firearms.

  • Back Home (18 December 1985) 

    writers: Joel Surnow, Maurice Hurley, director: Alan Metzger
    Recurring character:Fredrick Williamson, Irving Metzman
    with Frank Converse, Allen Swift, Anne Pitoniak, Charles Hallahan, Marisa Berenson
    Tenants of a slum building are being forced out.  It may not be much, but the run down building is all they have to call home.

  • Out of the Past (15 January 1986) 

    writer: Cyrus Nowrasteh, director: Richard Compton
    with Sandy Dennis, Barry Primus, Stephen McHattie, Brad Dourif, Sylvia Miles, James Gammon
    McCall is called upon by his former wife to help her husband with some trouble he has gotten himself into with an associate.

  • Dead Drop (22 January 1986) 

    writers: Joel Surnow, Maurice Hurley, director: Donald Petrie
    Recurring character: Robert Lansing, Keith Szarabajka, Mark Margolis, Irving Metzman, Ray Baker, Saul Rubinek
    with James Murtaugh, Robin Curtis, David Leary, James Eckhouse, Barry Snider, Richard Portnow
    What is a man doing with a package that he knows nothing about.

  • Wash-Up (29 January 1986) 
  • writer: Mark Frost, director: Richard Compton
    Recurring character: Mark Margolis, Irving Metzman, Ron O'Neal (Isadore Smalls), Yvonne Wilder (Lettie)
    with Bill Cwikowski, Brian Tarantina, Robert Davi, Michael O'Hare, Joe Spinell, Carol Cass
    An employer seeks revenge on a couple of window washers trying to form a union.

  • Torn (12 February 1986) 

    writer: Carleton Eastlake, director: Russ Mayberry
    Recurring character: Saul Rubinek, Yvonne Wilder, Ron O'Neal
    with Melissa Hart, Caitlin Clarke, Zohra Lampert, Charles Knox Robinson, Richard Grusin, Robert Burke
    An abusive father is released from prison and his daugther wants McCall to protect her mother. McCall gets a chance to settle up with an old enemy

  • Unnatural Causes (19 February 1986) 

    writers: Susan Woollen, Coleman Luck, Scott Shepherd, director: Alan Metzger
    Recurring character: Ron O'Neal, Mark Margolis
    with Gwen Verdon, Kim Delaney, Bobby De Cicco, Kevin Geer, Stephen Joyce, Charlotte Moore
    McCall has to divide his time up between finding a serial killer and saving an actress who has gotten herself associated with the wrong people.

  • Breakpoint (5 March 1986) 

    writers: Scott Shepherd, Don Carlos Dunaway, director: Russ Mayberry
    Recurring character: Keith Szarabajka, Earl Hindman
    with Patricia Clarkson, Aharon Ipalé, Tony Shalhoub, Richard Hamilton, Phyllis Newman, Sam Schacht, Ron Frazier, Ned Eisenberg, Tony Spiridakis
    Terrorists crash a wedding party where Robert is standing in for the father of the bride.  Mickey loses their game of words.

  • No Conscience (25 March 1986) 

    writer: Mark Frost, director: Richard Compton
    Recurring character: Mark Margolis
    with D. W. Moffat, Laurie Metcalf, Linda Thorson, Madison Arnold
    The young womanizer has something valuable...if he only knew what it was. That might save his life.

  • Unpunished Crimes (1 April 1986) 

    writers: John Burke, Grenville Case, director: Alan Metzger
    Recurring character:Irving Metzman
    with Dan Hedaya, Regina Baff, James Cameron Mitchell, Cameron Charles Johann, John Cullum, Jon Polito
    A corporate executive has stolen an inventor's designs.  The inventor's son hires McCall to get them back.

  • Pretenders (8 April 1986) 

    writer: Scott Shepherd, director: Richard Compton
    Recurring character:Ron O'Neal, Robert Lansing, Mark Margolis
    with Chad Redding, Tony Musante, Philip Bosco, Albert Macklin, Katherine Cortez
    A reporter, desperately wanting to make it big, thinks there is something going on in the apartment next door.

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