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Harley Gage: The character of Gage was one at odds with McCall. Also an agent with the Company, he hadn't had an easy time of it. He didn't really like or approve of what McCall was doing, but, as time went on, he learned the joys of helping others. Viewers were never really allowed much into his world or his life, and it was clear that he was only to be a transitional character.

Lt. Jefferson Burnett: Burnett was the first of a long succession of police officers who worked with McCall, frequently against policy. These two characters worked well together, with the right amount of tension, humor and trust as they each saw their obligations from their own perspective.

Alice and Pete: The character of 'Alice' came in at the end of the second season. Alice was another friend in the police department, who was always good for some information or some assistance when it was required. She always seemed to be working in the right section at the right time.

The role of 'Pete' came onboard during the 3rd season to once again take a little pressure off Edward's work schedule. The character was a former agent and friend of McCall's, who had been through bad times. He became partners with her in a Bar and Grill, and the set for that was used regularly during the last season, with many scenes being filmed there.

Dana, Jason, Stock, Jimmy and Sterno: These characters all fall into the same group. They all brought color and depth to the series, some fleshing out the character of Robert McCall, while others helped define the world in which he moved.

Dana was only a part of the first season, but his morality (or lack of it) and demeanor provided a stark contrast to those of McCall and he added a bit of humor to the series, during a time when it was just beginning to find its way.

Jason was brought on to add a bit more tension between McCall and the Company. He was not a very popular character, obviously, and only stayed with the show for a few episodes, after which Control was brought back to the Northern division of the Company.

Stock first appeared in an early episode, 'The Defector.' He returned from time to time, more regularly toward the final season. He was an agent with a very different point of view from McCall's. He was young, with an eye to the future, while McCall was trying to forget the past. It took a while before the characters began to work well together.

Jimmy and Sterno were wonderful characters! They brought humor and a release of tension to the plotlines. The viewer was given bits and pieces of their backgrounds, their lives and it was usually a pleasure to see that they were going to be a part of a particular episode.

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