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The character of Mickey was originally supposed to be a one-off. Keith had played a part in a Miami Vice episode and the writers/producers who came from that show to The Equalizer wrote him a part in 'China Rain,' the first episode after the pilot. But the chemistry proved powerful between Mickey and Robert (between Keith and Edward as well), and he was given more and more to do, as the series continued. Many fans felt that the character of Mickey could have taken over for McCall during the third season and helped him, while Edward was recuperating from his heart attack. Most were quite resentful when another actor was brought in to fill that role.

The character of Mickey, like Control, was an important one for McCall. Although they sometimes didn't agree on the best way to handle a situation, they were always there for one another. Sometimes it felt as though Mickey was McCall's right hand, available whenever help was needed. Eventually, there were stories built specifically around Mickey Kostmayer, such as the 4th season 'Splinters.' These proved to be memorable stories--the ones that showed more of the chemistry and humor between the two characters.

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