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Biography for Keith Szarabajka


He was born in Oak Park, Illinois on December 2, 1952

His surname, Szarabajka, means "Dark Tale" in Polish.

Last name is pronounced "sarah-bike-ah".

In the Stephen King TV series "Golden Years" in 1991, he had to endure 6 hours of makeup each day to play a 70-year-old janitor.

Has two sons, Caleb and Jack.

Trained with the Organic Theater in Chicago between 1972 and 1978. Other alumni actors included Joe Mantegna, John Heard and Dennis Franz.

Studied at both the University of Chicago and Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

Is the second voice actor to voice Vanderkam in the Xenosaga video game series. Bob Papenbrook was the first voice actor to voice Vanderkam.

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