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Control was always a mysterious character. He and McCall had worked together for a very long time and he served as both a link with and a constant reminder of the past for which McCall was trying to atone. They 'knew' each other quite well, and had developed a strong friendship and an abiding trust. However, time and time again, McCall would be surprised and shocked that Control had either lied to him, or had used him for some ulterior motive (one of which he nearly always did). Not many characters could fool McCall. He had seen too much of life, but, with Control, McCall never seemed to see it coming! There was something magical that happened between McCall and Control, whenever they worked together. A spark, if you will. The warmth, the humor, the depth of the friendship between the characters always shone through, even when they were working on a problem from different angles--one never forgot the history between these two men. Even in the tense times, they were there for one another.

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