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Equalizer Bloopers
Discovered by its Fans

Margaret K.:

  • "Splinters": When Mickey holds out his left hand for the folder labeled "Kostmayer," you can see a gold wedding ring.

  • "Eighteen with a Bullet": McCall and the girl are sitting in the back of a limo. For just a few frames, the cameraman's foot swings up into view.

  • "Bump and Run": Mickey's sweater changes position on Sydney's bed as McCall stands there waiting for Mickey.

  • "Splinters": The KGB have stripped Mickey and placed him in the tank. Of everything except his blue friendship bracelets on his left wrist, that is! Mickey plays with these same bracelets at the end of "Sea of Fire" and they actually have a closeup in the movie "Nightlife."

  • "Something Green": Mickey smashes the grill on his van. As the chase continues in the next scene, however, the van's grill is not broken.

  • "Suspicion of Innocence": This episode has the biggest blooper with the Jaguar's license plates that I have spotted. McCall is racing to Davy's hideout, he starts in the Jaguar with the white plates, then is in the Jaguar with the orange plates and parks the Jaguar with the white plates.

  • Episode Unknown: McCall knocks on the door of an apartment labeled "Mrs. Lenox" (1 "n") but the credits list her as Mrs. Lennox (2 "n"s).

Kim R.:

  • It's from 'Solo' where Robert is tied up in the chair. When he kicks the grenade through the window, one can see Edward's arms free from the chair as he falls over. The next scene he's tied up again! I don't blame Edward a bit for not wanting to be tied up during that stunt, but I always thought that a tighter edit of that scene would have made it better.

Dee P.:

  • In "Reign of Terror", they had a problem trying to figure out whether the glass was empty or full. While McCall is walking around the apartment talking to himself, he fixes himself a drink. Then, he dumps the drink in the sink and slides the empty glass onto the sink. When he finally makes up his mind as to what he's going to do, he says "All right, doctor. You want me without a bloody gun, you will have me without a bloody gun." At that point he takes his gun out and slams it down on the counter. . .beside a full glass of scotch and ice!

  • They did basically the same thing in "The Cup". Micky and McCall are in McCall's apartment getting ready to eat dinner. As they both sit down, the wine glasses are empty. As McCall is opening the bottle of wine, the camera takes a close-up of Mickey taking a mouthful of food. . .and there's a full wine glass sitting in front of his plate. Then, the camera pulls back, McCall finishes opening the wine bottle. . .and he reaches over and picks up the empty wine glass to fill!

  • I caught another editing blooper in "Coal Black Soul". At the end of the show, when Patricia Kalember (Dr. Stephanie Davis) meets McCall in Central Park at the ice rink, she sits down at the table and takes her gloves off. She has them off during the whole conversation. When she's ready to leave, she stands up and says "Just look for my next grand entrance", still no gloves, and then she reaches over to touch McCall's shoulder. . .and she has her gloves on! When did she put them on?!?!

Alison G-R:

  • In "High Performance," near the end where McCall is confronting the bad guy and Mickey pops up from the concrete foundation behind the bad guy, Mickey lowers his gun once the bad guy lays down his gun, and then the camera cuts to a shot over Mickey's shoulder and he lowers his gun again.

Sue J.:

  • "Sea of Fire": at end where the gang is throwing down their jackets to walk away from it all, one who has already dumped his, is wearing it again, standing behind Goat as he's making his threat.

  • "The Last Campaign": When the call comes in at the beginning as McCall enters his apartment, you have the classic growing drink between pouring and getting into the conversation.

Anna S.:

  • "High Performance": Mickey and McCall on the street after the cop leaves. Depending on the camera shot, Mickey's hair is blowing 2 distinctly different ways.

  • "Splinters": Allenwaite, his KGB bosses and guards descend the stairs after Mickey has shot McCall. At one point, there are 3 guards (one is standing on the bit where you turn to continue down the stairs), yet after that, there are only 2 guards and the 3rd one is never seen again! Just a little later, after Mickey shoots the 2 remaining guards (what happened to the 3rd one?!?!?), one lands very close to McCall and McCall easily grabs the gun. Next shot, the downed guard is a good 10 or 20 feet away from McCall!!

  • "Time Present, Time Past": Mickey shoots the 2 guys in the radio room. All well and good... however, when Mickey first opens the door and before he fires... the man on the right, as he is turning in his seat, ALREADY HAS A DART in him!!!!! and this is BEFORE Mickey fires! Boy, is he great, or what?!?

  • "Beyond Control": Mickey changes sweaters, and I believe jackets, between leaving McCall's with the documents and Elaine, and getting to the casket company where Control is being held.

  • "Memories of Manon": Mickey is shot with the leather jacket on, in Part 1. In Part 2, Mickey enters McCall's with the green jacket on. What happened to the leather jacket?!?!?

Dee Pivik:

  • In "Solo", when McCall confronts the bad guys in the empty warehouse, one of the bad guys pistol whipped McCall from left to right, hitting McCall on the right side of his face. But in the next scene, McCall is tied in the chair, and the cut and bruise are on the left side of his face!

Anna S.:

  • In "Mission: McCall" Part 1, when Mickey and Scott were in the curio shop and Mickey was trying to find out where Dyson was, he walks into the shop with a pair of black gloves in his back, right hand pocket. At one point, he's leaning, arms folded, against the glass counter and suddenly moves into action... all well and good, right? The problem is, when he's leaning, his hands are uncovered... when he smashes the curio shop owner's head against the glass he's got the gloves on and the glass looks like it shatters... Mickey yanks the owner's head up, and no glass is shattered. As the scene progresses, Mickey's hands are bare again (no shot of him taking off the gloves) then gloved again.

JJL Press:

  • This blooper is from the episode "Hand and Glove". When Ken comes in the bedroom "in disguise", and McCall shoots him, Ken's father runs up the stairs. After McCall says that the man in disguise is Ken, he hobbles off to a door with a mirror on it. When he opens the door, the reflection of some cameras and microphones show up in the mirror.

Loraine Rossati:

  • In the pilot episode RM is speeding his clients away to safe haven and the bad guys are following, shooting at the Jag. Look at the window on the Jag: in close-up it's open, in long-shot it's up, then it's down, then it's up, etc.

  • Secondly - not necessarily a "blooper" but an observation... EW's "trademark" gold/onyx ring seems to change hands regularly throughout the series. Sometimes it's on the third finger of his right hand (as, indeed, it was throughout "Callan" and "Common as Muck" (although the stone was turned inwards in the latter if it was the same ring) and sometimes it's on the third finger of his left hand. Obviously a personal matter.

Jeannette Willis:

  • One thing has gradually sunk in over all of the episodes - not exactly a blooper, but something to wonder about.

    Several times I've seen McCall take his glasses out of his breast pocket to read something and then put them away. Conclusion - reading glasses only. (Those of us who need them will understand.) Other times he's driving with his glasses on. Other times, walking down the street in them; just wearing them; taking them off, putting them on; with and without. You really can't have it both ways. I know.

    I think he looks great in glasses - but just which is it? By the way, in Mission: McCall, where Scott finds his father's apartment trashed and his father gone, the big moment in that scene seemed to be when he picked up McCall's broken glasses and knew something BIG had happened.


  • In the Heartstrings episode, when McCall and Mickey get into the limo to confront Kouros, it's pouring rain. The streets are all shiny and the windshield wipers are going, as the rain beats down on the car. But just a moment or two later, when Kouros drives off toward the airport and McCall and Mickey are off to save Mrs. Daniels, you see a few drops of water on the windshield, and the wipers are going, but the streets are perfectly dry and the sun is shining. Hey, that's fast, even for New York's weather!!

Anna Sawitzky:

  • In Heartstrings there's a blooper in the scene at the airport, with McCall and Hector Kouros. When Kouros takes the baby from the woman, the head of the baby is on the right hand side of Kouros, yet in the close up, the head is on the opposite side, propped up by his left hand side upper pocket. As he walks towards the plane, he looks as though he might be in the process of moving the baby around so the head is on his left hand side, but, when McCall confronts him by the plane, it certainly is on the left hand side.

Loraine Rossati:

  • A couple bloopers from Counterfire: In the scene with RM in the elevator, at the 5th floor the dead guy is slumped against the wall. When the doors open on the 4th, he's slumped on McCall. Oops.

  • Blooper No.2: THE MYSTERY OF THE DISAPPEARING TIE. When RM locks the cabdriver in the phone booth, he's got his tie on. When he drives away, his tie is off. But when he gets out of the cab at the motel, he's wearing it again. Presto hey!


  • I found a couple of bloopers in High Performance.

    One: when the lady steelworker falls off the building, it's the wrong way! Her heels are shown at the edge of the platform, even though she's facing the edge. When she falls, she falls backwards, supposedly into some hole, but when they show her dangling by the safety line, she's in front of the building!

    Two: when McCall faces the killer in the hospital morgue, the killer shoots first, but McCall doesn't get hit, the killer does? Does he have some magical bullet-deflecting aura?

Renee Humphrey:

  • I found a blooper in Breakpoint. When you see all the outside action, it is cold, but not snowing. Next time you see this episode, check out the outdoors when the police are in the copy shop working on identifying the terrorists. It is snowing like crazy outside!

Jeannette Willis:

  • From High Performance: Outside Sally's door. McCall has discovered the broken tape - "someone has been in her apartment!" Mickey goes to investigate. Has anyone wondered about hearing the crash (glass skylight, he says) and seeing Mickey open the door in approximately 1 to 2 seconds afterwards - with a disarmed bomb in his hand? I know he's good with explosives, but that's must be a record. Never mind, Mickey can do no wrong for me.

Ellen Arvidson:

  • In "The Cup" in the shootout with the KGB, the cops' silver car should be riddled with bullet holes but the camera shows the side facing the KGB unblemished, so did McCall and Mickey spray them with bullets, then run up to see if they were okay?! And the KGB didn't hit the car at all in that blizzard of gun activity?! A little hard to believe if you ask me!


    In "First Light", in the scene where Scott is telling McCall about calling into the hotel for Mr. Booth's messages, he hands McCall a piece of paper. McCall folds the paper and puts it in his pocket, then there's a camera cut and McCall folds the paper and puts it in his pocket. Hey! Deja vu!


  • This is in High Performance. Just before the lady steelworker gets shot at, she is watching the 2 men talking in the other building. In the first shot she is wearing (I think blue) buttoned shirt. The camera cuts to the men then when it shows her again, she is wearing the pink sweatshirt from the previous day. After another cut away she is wearing the blue shirt again.

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